Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Bing Search Engine by Microsoft - Ahead of schedule appears to be the theme of this beautiful, bright 1st of June. Microsoft’s anticipated new search engine Bing was originally scheduled to launch on Wednesday, but it was available Monday. Though it will take more than a couple of hours to decipher just how much of a “Google killer” it is, it does offer some new features that set it apart. When searching travel destinations, for instance, you’ll be provided with real time pricing and availability to make booking fast and seamless. Similarly, online shoppers and those looking for health-related and local information are provided with more customized tools.

Not wasting any time, searchers have been busy shutting off the “safe search” and searching terms like “porn”. Because what good is a new search engine if it can’t help you weed through the limitless spanker stash that is the Internet? You won’t have to go to far, either; click on Bing’s image search and you’ll be treated to some pictures of phallic-shaped rock formations that are part of Bing’s inexplicable desert and hot air balloon theme (a little too loud if you ask me, I’d opt for Google’s no-frills home page any day).

So far, reviews have been mixed with some really taking to the new search engine and others stating that there’s nothing so compelling as to make them leave their default search engine. In my limited use, I found the results were largely similar to those I get with Google. For the time, I’m in category 2. Take some time to try it out for yourself and decide: will Bing be the revolution needed to lift Microsoft out of its downward spiral or will it be just another substandard MS product that sits in the shadow of something better?
Via PC Magazine

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